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Click for Soundman demo mix – “Selecta presents Sizzla Boomshot mix”

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Soundbwoy… new version 1.6.5 (Aug 09) :

* More advanced tune search

* A number of  enhancements to the Mix Maker.

* All sound skins included in Soundman download.

* lots of minor enhancements and bug fixes and stability improvements.



Now you can customize the look of Soundman! And it’s easy!



Click to learn about this revolutionary concept!


Soundskin and grapics developers wanted.  Be a part of the Soundman movement! Contact us!


Mac users – yes, you can run Soundman! Soundman runs fine under Virtual PC. More info to follow, stay tuned!



























 ~  The Dancehall MP3 mixer  ~


“Killing sound is easy with Soundman”


Soundman is the only MP3 mixer/player that is specially designed to play dancehall and reggae.


Within seconds after you have downloaded Soundman you will be able to start doing your own professionally sounding dancehall mixes, complete with sound system effects, rewinds and pull-ups.


Whether you are going to do mix tapes, play live, entertain your friends at home or just give your own reggae collection a new life, Soundman will give you that unique sound of dancehall mixing. And much much more…


And best of all - Soundman is freeware! No time limitations, no spying, no ads. Just plain honest enthusiast software.


You can read on to learn more about Soundman, but an even better idea is to do like about 20 other people do each day and over 15 000 have done by now, download it right now and get started!


Memba, dis is just deh beginning!

Soundman a go come harda an bettah for each version, stay tuned!!



Haven’t convinced you yet? Read on…








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